The Epworth Charities


Find Joy In Giving

Building A Brighter Future For All

Welcome, we are a local charitable organisation devoted to making our local area a better place through various initiatives designed to help those in need. Together, we can make a difference in the local community for generations to come.

There has been a longstanding tradition of people connected with Epworth seeking to help residents in need in the area.  The earliest of the Epworth Charities dates from 1662, and six of the others were set up in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

In 1959, the Charity Commission authorised a scheme for the administration of a total of twenty seven small charities which had been created to assist people in Epworth to be administered as The Epworth Charities by a group of Trustees from the area.  That scheme is still in operation.

The Trustees (who have to live or carry on business in or near Epworth) are the Rector of Epworth (currently Rev P Wilson), two Trustees nominated by Epworth Town Council (Councillor J Whittaker, Mrs. D. Janney), and four coopted Trustees ( Mrs M. Leggott, Mrs E. Wilson, Ms S. Storey and Dr J Lambert).

What We Do




The charities income is derived mainly from rents it receives from the small strips of land which have been left to the charity over the years by donors,

and from investments made by the trustees.

The charity often also receives small donations from individuals and groups.


Personal applications are encouraged throughout the year and these are considered on an individual basis.

Applications can be by the individual themselves or by any other person acting on their behalf providing they have permission to do so.




  All applications are treated in strictest confidence.